Health & Safety @ The Blue

YOUR safety and OUR safety is important to us! Here are the environmental changes we have made to help us all through this crisis:

  1. Our team is a key element to our business – assuring their sense of safety and comfort is a priority. Everyone who is working will be wearing face masks and gloves, as well as receiving daily health checks.
  2. Sanitizing Stations!!! You have come to the right place, as we are producing 80% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer in-house using the WHO recipe, as mandated by our Health Canada Licenses. We will have multiple stations for our guests and staff throughout the restaurant. As well we have it for sale online here.
  3. Hand Washing: We already have CONTACTLESS soap dispensers in all bathrooms, as well as the kitchen and brewery, and CONTACTLESS paper towel dispensers in all bathrooms and in the kitchen.
  4. We have CONTACTLESS payment options available.
  5. We will continue to run our “Take-out Window” and “Curbside Pickup” so you don’t even have to come into the building. We will be offering food, hand sanitizer, beer, cans of pop, and wine by the 750ml bottle at a very reasonable price….one stop shopping for your “Lounge to Lounge” meal.
  6. We will also be redesigning our front pathway as a “Take-out” eating and drinking spot….you can order ahead of time and pick up at the “Take-out Window” to have as little contact with our staff as possible. We will also supply disposable cutlery and glasses if needed.
  7. We will be sanitizing all tables and chairs after each use.
  8. A sanitizing schedule will be posted for all bathrooms, and sanitation will occur multiple times each day.
  9. We will be using disposable paper menus, so each customer receives a new unused menu.
  10. Occupancy is reduced with Social Distancing protocols in place.
  11. Signage for proper hand washing and sanitizing will be posted throughout the restaurant.
  12. Contact tracing will be put in place for every group of customers(1 person) just in case it is needed.

So excited to have everyone back at The Blue!!!
Cheers, Heather and Team!

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