Pasta & Seafood

Creamy pasta anyone?…the low acidity of Beer doesn’t react with dairy like wine does. Recommended pairing: Gentlemen’s Pilsner House Brew

Penne Carbonara
Whole wheat penne with bacon, spinach & diced tomatoes, finished in a…
Wheat Free Nicoise
Sautéed chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives & feta cheese tossed…
Penne Pollo
Whole wheat penne with grilled chicken, mushrooms & broccoli tossed in a…
Shrimp Fettuccini
Leeks, shrimp and roasted red pepper in a creamy white wine sauce.
Pan Seared Salmon
With a lemon thyme butter. Served with vegetables and your choice of…
Sesame Crusted Teriyaki Salmon Filet
A fresh Atlantic salmon let crusted with sesame seeds, oven roasted and…
Poached Salmon
For the health conscious. Salmon poached with onions, tomato & leek. Served…

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