Signature Dishes

Wild Salmon Sandwich
Grilled Salmon loin with lettuce, tomato and red pepper mayonnaise & bbq…
Curried Chicken Sandwich
Chicken breast coated in curried corn chips on fresh Panini bun with…
Beer Battered Fish & Chips
Haddock or Pickerel. Single order (one piece) or double order (two pieces)…
Liver & Onions
Two slices of beef liver pan seared with onions and mushrooms and…
Warm Shiitake Mushroom Salad
Garden greens, including tomatoes, and cucumber. Topped with succulent local shiitake mushrooms,…
Carmelized Chicken & Almond Salad
Fresh garden greens topped with local honey glazed chicken and almonds and…
Blue Elephant Club
“Our House Specialty” grilled chicken breast, fried egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese and…
Tom Yam Kung Soup
“Hot & Sour prawn soup” - a Thai favourite! Prawns and button…
Chicken & Coconut Soup
A creamy chicken and mushroom coconut delight with just the right amount…
Lunch in a Bowl
This famous Thai soup is a meal in itself. Loaded with vegetables…
Oak Grown Shiitake Cream Soup
Tender local shiitake mushrooms simmered in a “pottage” style cream. Signature dish.
Shiitake Mushroom Consommé
Fresh local oak grown shiitake mushrooms and leeks blended to make a…

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