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Local & International Cuisine

Good Food starts with Fresh Ingredients

Keeping it local is a great way to support the Norfolk economy, but we’d be lying if we said that was the only reason we shop locally for ingredients to make our good food.

Locally grown ingredients mean that all of our in-season produce is as fresh as you can get without eating it straight off the plant. By supporting local businesses, we’re reaping the benefits: crisper greens, more succulent reds, and all-around unparalleled local cuisine.

Mouth-Watering Made-In-House Dishes

At Blue Elephant, we want your dining experience to be perfect. That’s one of the reasons we make certain that our entire menu is full of made-to-order food. Enjoy high quality local and international cuisine customized to suit any dietary restrictions or personal tastes.


Supporting Ontario’s Garden

Norfolk County has a long and proud history of agriculture. Many of the multi-generational farms that surround Simcoe are the same families that built our community, and their legacy lives through their quality produce. The continued support of these local businesses rewards us with the freshest, most delicious meats, cheeses, fruits, and veggies.

We are proud to use fresh, high-quality ingredients from:

Berlo’s Best

S. Fette Farms Inc.

Harmony Hives Honey

Cider Keg Produce

Strawberry Thyme

Meadow Lynn Farms

Shabutura Farms

VG Meats

Norfolk Cherry Company Ltd.

Jensen Cheese

Simcoe Farmer’s Market

Norfolk Fruit Growers

Picard’s Peanuts

Carolinian Hop Yard

Maple Ridge Farms

Lingwood Farms (Asparagus)

Harmony Bake Shop

Local Seasonal Fruit and Veggie Stands

Burning Kiln Winery and Dover Vineyards
partnering with local B&B Assoc. (10% off)


Whether you're taking out your significant other, or meeting family and friends, reservations are always recommended for groups, and for everyone on weekends and holidays.

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