Fresh Beer Brewed @ The Blue!

Norfolk’s first, and only, microbrewery

Blue Elephant Craft Brew House went on tap in September 2012, and our fresh brewed beer pours faster than we can brew them! In traditional European fashion, our beer is crafted in small batches with no additives or preservatives using local organic barley, wheat, hops and pure water.

Our fresh ales, lagers, pilsners, and specialty brews are available on tap at the pub, and for retail sale in our Brew Store.

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Small Batch Brewing at it’s Finest!

Gentlemen's Pilsner Fresh Brewed Beer

473ml Cans

Singles… $3.75


750ml Mini Growler for fresh brewed beer750ml Howler for fresh brewed beer

887ml Howlers

Bottle + Refill… $12.00

Refill… $8.00


2l Growler for fresh brewed beer

2l Growlers

Bottle + Refill… $19.00

Refill… $14.00


Keg of fresh brewed beer


20l… $110.95

30l… $142.95

50l… $220.95

Keg Deposit Required

A Guide to Canada’s Favourite Beverage: Fresh Brewed Beer!

Microbrew Taste Spectrum

Microbrew Taste Spectrum Chart


Beer is generally categorized as either a lager or an ale. Lagers are named after the German word “to store” because they are bottom-fermented, meaning they are aged or stored for a period of time at cold temperatures during which time yeast settles to the bottom of the fermenting vessel. Lagers tend to be clean and crisp with a low hop bitterness and a detectable flavour of corn or rice.


Unlike the lager, an ale is top-fermented when yeast rises to the top of the fermenting vessel. In addition, ales are produced by rapid fermentation at warmer temperatures than those used for lagers and with a shorter storage time. Ales are generally darker than lagers due to the more heavily roasted malts used in brewing, and usually possess a strong hop flavour and may be quite bitter. Dry hopping is sometimes used to impart an additional hop aromatic to the beer.


Popular throughout Germany, the Pilsner is a pale lager high in hop aromatics. A traditional Pilsner may have a slight malt accent but will not have the fruity taste found among its counterpart lagers.


Stouts are classified as either dry or sweet. Dry stouts have an initial malt and caramel flavour with a distinct bitter end and a very low-level hop characteristic. Sweet stouts have less roasted malt and bitter flavour with chocolate malt or caramel as the dominating flavour.


Whether you're taking out your significant other, or meeting family and friends, reservations are always recommended for groups, and for everyone on weekends and holidays.

Blue Elephant Craft Brew House