Welcome to Brew Camp

Pushing the boundaries of craft beer making

Ever wanted to brew a unique beer? Here’s your chance. Once a week, one or two lucky beer fans will be invited to go behind the scenes at Blue Elephant Craft Brew House for a day to create their very own beer to be sold on tap in our pub and beer store. This is Brew Camp.

Be the Brewmaster at Brew Camp

Learn the art and science of brewing from our Brewmaster James Grant while taking part in our monthly “Brewer’s Choice” series. Meet with James beforehand to discuss what you are interested in brewing; lager, ale, porter or possibly a flavoured product, the choices are endless. Brew Camp is where local ingredients and wild ideas come together. Experiment with traditional standards and innovative ingredients to push the boundaries of craft beer making. Incorporate local farm fresh product like Riesling grape skins, sweet potato, baked apples, fresh strawberries and sour cherries. Be creative. Anything is possible.

For more information, please contact us. Cheers.

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Whether you're taking out your significant other, or meeting family and friends, reservations are always recommended for groups, and for everyone on weekends and holidays.

Blue Elephant Craft Brew House